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Temple Lung Transplant Program

Unrivaled Expertise Leading to Better Outcomes

For an increasing number of patients, lung transplantation remains the best solution for an advanced lung problem. The Temple Lung Transplant Program is a leader in both volume and outcomes . Over the past 8 years, Temple has performed more lung transplants yearly than any other hospital in the country, and continues to have the best 1-year survival outcomes in the region. The Temple Lung Center’s transplant survival rates continue to exceed national averages, according to the latest data reported in July 2023 from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR).

Leading the Nation in Experience and Research

Program highlights:

  • Temple regularly accepts the most complex transplant candidates, including patients of advanced age, higher BMI, or those who have other comorbid conditions. This means patients who have been turned down for transplantation at other centers may be eligible at Temple.
  • The experience found at Temple, combined with the latest technology and a robust research program, is the reason so many physicians recommend Temple when their patients need a lung transplant.
  • Fast, seamless process. Our transplant team coordinates every step of care, from consultation through to admission, transplantation, and post-operative lifestyle care. We offer accelerated transplant evaluations so patients and their families can return home as soon as possible.
  • Co-managing lung transplant patients. The Temple Lung Center is committed to keeping you informed about your patients. We have a dedicated team of Key Account Managers who can assist you with the needs of your patients, help you resolve any concerns quickly, and coordinate contact with Temple lung transplant physicians and staff. Our goal is simple—to provide a level of communication that equals our level of patient care.

Referring physicians caring for patients with advanced lung disease outside a transplant center should be familiar with the criteria for referral and listing—and how the Temple Lung Transplantation Program is more prepared than ever to help your patients get a new start on a better life.

Temple Key Account Managers are always available to assist you and can be contacted anytime to quickly answer your questions about referral.

TK Broderic
Director, External Accounts
m: 267-608-8433