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Advanced COPD Fact Sheet

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As the nation’s leading COPD research and treatment center, Temple sets new standards for COPD care. We’re committed to discovering life-changing treatments and staying on the cusp of innovation with groundbreaking procedures, including lung volume reduction surgery, bronchoscopic lung volume reduction and leading-edge lung transplantation options with the best outcomes in the region. We’ll partner with you to deliver the best care for even your most difficult-to-manage cases.

The Most Comprehensive Program in the Nation

Optimal treatment for advanced COPD requires in-depth knowledge of the latest clinical advances and the expertise of a comprehensive team. The Temple Lung Center leads the nation in COPD treatment innovation. Our commitment to your patients shows.


Patients with advanced COPD need to have multiple options for symptom reduction and improved quality of life. For many patients with lung hyperinflation due to severe emphysema, bronchoscopic lung volume reduction (BLVR) is an often durable and less invasive option. For those who are healthy enough but do not qualify for BLVR, Temple also offers lung volume reduction surgery. Lung transplantation should be considered in COPD patients with a FEV1 < 25%.

Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR) Surgery

BLVR uses an endobronchial valve to shrink diseased and hyperinflated areas of the lung and allows the healthy areas to function more efficiently.

  • An option for patients who can’t have surgery
  • Patients report improved lung function, fewer respiratory symptoms to interfere with daily activities, improved ability to exercise, and overall enhanced quality of life.
  • Temple Lung Center performs corrective procedures for patients from outside centers whose valves were misplaced or have slipped.

As Director of the Temple Lung Center, Dr. Criner was the first in the country to implant both types of commercially available bronchoscopic lung valves following FDA approval. The Temple Lung Center is the highest volume BLVR center in the nation and trains physicians across the country in this new technique.



Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (LVRS)

LVRS removes diseased portions of the lung to improve function of the other areas. Temple has the honor of being the first in the Philadelphia region to perform this gold standard treatment for advanced emphysema. As the largest program in the area, we play an active role in COPD clinical trials—such as the groundbreaking NETT trial, which showed that removing 20–30% of damaged lung tissue may result in improved exercise capacity, lung function, and quality of life for select candidates. When possible, Temple surgeons use the VATS approach, which results in decreased length of stay, reduced blood loss, and less pain.

Lung Transplantation

Temple is the highest-volume lung transplant program in the United States and has been for close to a decade (2022 Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients data), giving our team unparalleled experience. Our comprehensive Lung Transplant Program is led by a world-renowned team of pulmonologists who take on some of the most challenging cases, including patients requiring pre-transplant ECMO and those who need multi-organ transplant. It’s because of our vast history of combined experience that our patients have the best lung transplantation outcomes in the Philadelphia region and in the state of Pennsylvania.

Clinical Trials

The Temple Lung Center is currently involved in more than 50 clinical trials, with over half investigating innovative COPD treatments. We have one of the largest and most active clinical research centers for advanced lung diseases in the United States.



After referral, the Temple team manages all aspects of COPD patient care. We also keep physicians in the loop with clear and timely patient assessments. We routinely call physicians and send detailed status reports to ensure that they remain part of the patient’s care team. Easy accessibility and open communication are key to good long-term outcomes.


Please call 800-TEMPLE-MED to arrange for a patient consultation with the Advanced COPD team.